How to view the Medical History

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What is the purpose of the article?

This article shows you two different ways you can access the Medical History for a patient.


Route 1 - Accessing the Medical History via the patient record

To access the Medical history via the patient record:

1. From the start page, navigate to the Patient tile

2. Click on the Find Patient tile

3. In the Search screen either

3.1 Input search criteria and select from filtered Search results

3.2 Select the record from the Previous Search results

3. From the Actions pane, select Medical History


The Medical history is then displayed.



Route 2 - Accessing the Medical History via a Consultation

Alternatively, the Medical history can be viewed as part of the consultation. To do this as a Clinician for a patient that is being seen in an appointment

1. From the Start page, navigate to the Calendar

2. Click on the appointment

3. In the Actions panel, select Go to consultation


The Medical History is displayed.


In this view of the Medical History, there are additional navigator options available on the left-hand side such as ReferralConsultation and Documents.


Want to see how to do it?

The short video below provides a demonstration of accessing the Medical History via Route 2 noted above.



What are the features of the Medical History?

The features of a patient's Medical History are explained in this article.


What else is important to note?

The ability to view the Medical Record is controlled by Security Policy. Please see Security Policy - Patient Certificates for more information.


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