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What's the background?

The deadline for PSD2 implementation is now 14th March 2022 for the UK. As of 1st June 2022, card schemes will implement this change. 

You can find more information regarding this and what actions need to be completed on your Opayo (SagePay) portal here: 3D Secure v2 - What Do Customers Need to Do? - Opayo

Who is the article for?

This article is for clients who are currently using the online payments integration with Opayo and need to add the new Moto payment method.

What do you need to do?

Within the Meddbase application, your payment method for E-Commerce will already exist, this will be the default payment type that patients will use for the patient portal (if applicable).

To amend this and add your additional Mail/Telephone Order payment type you need to:

1. Navigate to Admin > Common Catalogues

2. Within Common Catalogs, select Online Payment Types

It is recommended you first update your existing payment method to signify that this is for E-Commerce. To do this:

3. Select the required Online Payment Type from the list

4. If needed

4.1 Set the Account Type is set to E-Commerce (default)

4.2 Save the update


You will then need to create a new online payment method using your Opayo account code. To do this:

5. Select + New payment type... from Online Payment Types

5.1 Add the Name

5.2 Add the Account Code (this will be your Opayo Vendor Code)

5.3 Add the Description (this must only contain alphanumeric characters)

5.4 Select Mail Order / Telephone Order from the Account Type list

5.5 Ensure the correct Company is selected

5.6 Click on Save

The Online Payment Type is saved. When viewed, it will look similar to the image below, with Mail Order / Telephone Order selected as the Account Type


It is important to note that the saved card details will be linked to the E-Commerce payment method so will need to be entered again for each client. 

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