How to join Telemedicine appointments and use Twilio video features - for patients

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What's the context

Meddbase enables patients to join telemedicine appointments in their browser using a unique link in a telemedicine appointment invitation email or SMS.

What is the purpose of the article?

This article outlines:

These are generic guidelines and we recommend that each provider creates their own joining instructions and guidelines that fit their requirements for their patients.

What patients need before joining a telemedicine appointment

Although not exhaustive, the following is a useful check-list for patients to make sure they have a smooth telemedicine appointment:

1. A Telemedicine appointment invitation containing a unique joining link for their appointment

2. A well-charged computer, tablet or smartphone

2.1 Having a functioning camera, microphone and speakers

2.2. Using a recent, popular version of a browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge – Chromium based, Mozilla Firefox or MacOS Safari)

3. A good internet connection

5. A place that is free from disturbance where you won’t be overheard

Joining a Telemedicine appointment as a patient

If you are the patient who is an appointment attendee, you can do as follows:

1. Select the unique appointment confirmation link in the invitation message


2. In the Online Portal browser window that appears

2.1 Update your Display Name as required

2.2 Click on Continue


3. Review the Joining this call message and click on OK


4. If requested, permit the system to Use your microphone and Use your camera by selecting Allow


5. In the Join screen, select Join Now

You are now part of the telemedicine appointment. 


We have deliberately blurred pictures of attendees.

When the clinician joins the telemedicine appointment, they will appear in the main part of the screen, with a small panel in the top-right indicating how you appear on screen to them.

Leaving a telemedicine call

6a_-_Disconnect_button.png When you want to leave the telemedicine call, simply select Disconnect from within the browser window.

The features available in the telemedicine appointment screen

Within the telemedicine appointment, there is a range of features available to help you manage the call. These are explained below.

Mute / Unmute

7a_-_Mute_button.png You can select the Mute button at the bottom of the screen to mute your microphone.
8a_-_Unmute_button.png Having muted, you can then select the Unmute button to re-activate your microphone for this call.

Stop Video / Start Video

9a_-_Stop_video_button.png You can select the Stop Video button at the bottom of the screen to switch off your video.
10a_-_Start_Video_button.png Having switched off your video, you can then select the Start Video button to re-activate your video for this telemedicine call.

Share Screen / Stop Sharing


You can select the Share Screen at the bottom of the screen to share either an Entire screenWindow or browser tab.

12a_-_Stop_Sharing.png Having made a sharing selection, you can then use the Stop Sharing option to stop sharing your screen.



By selecting Settings you can access Audio and Video Settings.

From here, you can make selections of Video Input, Audio Input and Audio Output for your Video, Microphone and Speakers. You can also blur the background of your video by selecting the Background Blur checkbox

blurring 4.png


Then select Done when complete.

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