Creating an Invite Code for Patient Portal sign-up

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What is the purpose and context of this article?

This article outlines:

  • How to set up an invite code for the Patient Portal sign-up on a per Chargeband basis
  • How to set up a new patient on a Chargeband using a Patient Portal URL
    Please note: Step One and Step Two outlined below are explained in detail in the article Creating an online Chargeband.  


How to Set Up an Invite Code for the Patient Portal Sign Up

There are several steps to this process. They are described below.

Step One: Create an online Chargeband with rules

To create a new Chargeband to allow new patients to register on the Patient Portal:

1.1 Navigate to the Admin page > Billing and create a New Chargeband

1.2 Add a Patient Self-book rule to the Chargeband

1.3 Add other billing rules to the Chargeband as needed

Step Two: Enable Online Booking on the Chargeband

2.1 Scroll down through the page and select Enable Online Booking


2.2 In the Allowing Patient Access dialog that appears, select Allow and Notify or Allow with No Notifications

The Online Settings panel is now made available.


Step Three: Add an Online sign-up invite code

3.1 In the Online Settings panel, populate the Online sign-up invite code with a code you would like new patients to use - for example, Welcome123


    Please note - When the Allow Online Messaging check-box is ticked in the Online Settings, the patient can contact your company through the Patient Portal via direct messages. You can find out more about this feature in the article Online Messaging.  


Step Four: Repeat for All Applicable Chargebands

4.1 Repeat the above steps for every Chargeband for which you wish patients to be able to sign up online via your Patient Portal


Step Five: Share Code with New Patients

5.1 Share the code with your new patients via your chosen communication method (website, social media, email, etc.)

5.2 Direct your patients to your Patient Portal URL where they will be asked to input the welcome code you have shared with them.


Once the new patient completes the patient registration process these new patients will be visible in your Meddbase chamber on their assigned Chargeband, as per the invite code they submitted. 


    Please note - The configuration above does NOT automatically enable all appointments and services types associated with this Chargeband to be bookable online. To do you please read more about the Patient Self Book Rule and ensure the online booking is enabled in Appointment Types.


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