How to use the Medication Delivery feature in Meddbase?

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The Medication Delivery feature is currently being piloted with a number of Meddbase customers. The feature will become more widely available from January 2022. If you would like to find out more or are interested in using the functionality please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Account Management team at:

What is the context?

The Medication Delivery feature in Meddbase allows Medical Users to make, sign and send E-Prescriptions electronically via a Pharmacy Portal to Signature Pharmacy, an online pharmacy that dispenses Meddbase prescriptions and delivers them to patients.

The Medication Delivery feature is fully compliant with the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 providing a legal, safe and efficient way to prescribe and deliver medication straight to a patient in need, mitigating the need for administratively heavy or paper processes.

An accompanying article is available here covering FAQs regarding this feature. 

What is the purpose of the article?

This article explains:

Pre-requisite data and configuration required for Clinicians and Patients

To be able to successfully create, send and sign an E-Prescription, pre-requisite data and configuration is needed for a prescribing clinician and separately for a patient. These pre-requisites are described below.

Prescribing clinician

Item What is needed? Further explanation
1 A clinician record in Meddbase. Click here for more details on Adding a Clinician. 
1.1 A value in the Suffix field on the clinician record.

This is for the prescriber's particulars so the type of prescriber is known.

Examples would be e.g. MRCGP, DPDerm, BSC (Hons) etc.

1.2 A registration number in the Registration number field on the clinician record. This should be added in the following format - professional body eg GMC, GPhC, NMC followed by the pin/no.
1.3 An address in the clinician address fields. This is the prescriber address. As a minimum, it needs values in Address line 1 and Postcode.
2 Security permissions set to allow prescribing

Click here for more details on security policies.


A Medication Delivery account set up by MMS Support Team.

Please raise a support ticket in order to request this. For more guidance click here


Item What's is needed? Further explanation
1 A patient record in Meddbase. Click here for more details on How to add a patient to Meddbase. 
1.1 A Full name for the patient record.

This means the First name and Last name for the patient needs to have values as a minimum.

1.2 A Date of birth

This means the full date of birth including day, month and year. 

1.3 A patient address.

As a minimum, it needs values in Address line 1 and Postcode.

How to make an E-Prescription

Once the feature is fully set up in Meddbase, a Medical User can make an electronic prescription. This begins in a clinical form within a consultation in Meddbase.

Step 1 - Creating an E-Prescription from a consultation in Meddbase

To create the E-Prescription, the Medical User can do as follows:-

1. When in Consultation, navigate to the Actions section at the bottom of the clinical form

2. Click Prescribe

3. In the Create a Prescription dialog, search for the required drug (typing in 3 or more letters will trigger the search in the First Data Bank drug database)

4. From the list, click the desired drug

5. In the Preparations Warnings dialog that appears, click Accept Warnings (this step can not be bypassed)

6. On the Details tab, click on the required value for Dosage, Manufacturer pack and Frequency of use from the available list.

7. Add further details as needed for Quantity, Route of Administration, Method, Duration, Review, Comments (internal), Comments (for pharmacist) as needed

8. Click Save and E-Prescribe

[Full alt text]



Step 1.1 - E-Prescribing multiple drugs from a consultation in Meddbase

A Medical User can also E-Prescribe multiple drugs simultaneously from the 'Today's Prescriptions' section of the Clinical Form:-

1. Prescribe the required drug as per Step 1

2. Click *Save (as opposed to 'Save an E-Prescribe')

3. Repeat for all required drugs.

*The prescribed drug will be displayed in the 'Today's Prescriptions' section

4. Once all required drugs are prescribed, click E-Prescribe.

[Full alt text]


Step 2 - Sending an E-Prescription

The Medical user is now presented with the Send Electronic Prescription dialog window. This provides options and requires the following steps to be carried out:

1. Check the patient's Personal details (i.e. the email address and mobile number) and update as needed

2. Check the prescription Delivery details and update as needed. The options for review and update  are:

2.1 Method 

2.2 Name

2.3 Surname

2.4 Delivery address where the user needs to choose either Home Address, Billing Address or a new address as needed

3. Check the *Prescription and tick or untick drugs as needed

*Had the Medical User prescribed multiple drugs as per Step 1.1, multiple lines will be displayed in this section

4. Check the tick box option stating: "Patient has consented that their data for the prescription is shared with the ePrescribing pharmacy." (This step is required to proceed)

5. Click on Sign

[Full alt text]


Clicking this option takes the Medical User to the prescription authentication step.

The Authentication required pop-up following clicking Sign reminds the user of the requirement to confirm their identity on a login screen that will open automatically in a new tab. This needs to be done only once per Meddbase login session. 


Step 3 - Signing the E-Prescription

Once the Medical User clicks Sign on the Send Electronic Prescription dialog window and then clicks OK on the pop-up authentication reminder pop-up, they are diverted (in a new tab) to the prescription authentication login UI.

Here, the user needs to:

1. Provide their email

2. Provide their password*

*Meddbase Support will set up the authentication identity for Medical Users who need to use the E-Prescribe feature and their login credentials will be sent out via email.

3. Then click on Sign in

[Full alt text]


The user is now signed in and the authentication user interface closes automatically. The Medical User is taken back to the Send Electronic Prescription dialog window in Meddbase. Here they need to:

4. Click Sign again

This opens the Sign the prescription dialog window. where the medical user can review the prescription and finalise the signing of the prescription. To do this:

5. Click on OK

[Full alt text]


This concludes the workflow and the selected drugs are now E-Prescribed.

The patient will receive an automated email from Meddbase informing them that the prescription has been sent to Signature Pharmacy, who will subsequently contact the patient and send the selected medicines once the prescription is signed.

Note you won’t be notified automatically of further changes to the status of the prescription. If a prescription needs to be cancelled or altered please contact Signature Pharmacy directly:


Editing the E-Prescription confirmation email template

The email informing the patient of the prescription having been sent is generated from an email template. This means Meddbase users can edit the template, change the layout and content and thus change the message patients receive.

To edit the template complete the following steps:

1. From the Start Page navigate to Templates

2. Open Global Templates account type

3. Open Prescriptions document type

4. Click E-Prescription confirmation email

5. Click Edit to open the template in the Document Editor

6. Once finished editing, click Save.


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