How to Reset a User's Password

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Sam Wood
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This behaviour will come into effect with the Release on the 29th of November, 2021

What is the purpose of the article?

This article outlines the process by which a User's password can be reset, include the workflow the user will follow to set a new password.

How to use the feature?

1. Navigate to the User for whom you'd like to reset the password (Navigate to Admin > User Management, and click the name of the user who you'd like to send a password reset request to)

User Details dialogue

2. Open the users profile by clicking anywhere on the line, and select 'Reset Password' from the action bar at the top of the dialogue

Reset Password Dialogue

3. You will receive a confirmation dialogue informing you that the password reset email has been sent to the user

Reset Password Confirmation

4. The user in question will receive an email containing instructions detailing how to reset their password, including a link that they can follow to complete the process

Reset Password Email

5. Following the link will present the user with a dialogue which they can enter a new password into

Reset Password Page - User Facing

6. Users will be prompted if the password they enter does not meet your organisation's password length or complexity requirements

Reset Password Page - Error message, password requirements

7. If the link expires, and the user tries to use it to set their password, they will be given the below message

Reset Password Page - Error message, link expired



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