'Allow Online Booking' for non-primary attendees

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Sam Wood
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This behaviour will come into effect with a future release of Meddbase.


There's a change coming to how multi attendee appointments are booked by patients via the Patient Portal/API. This documentation aims to provide information about what that change is, and what it might mean for your business. We'll also discuss configuration changes that you may want to make to ensure that your patients can continue to book multi attendee appointments as they expect to.

'Allow Online Booking' flag

There is a configuration option available when creating a clinician schedule called 'Allow Online Booking':

Session dialog high-lighting allow online booking
Session dialog high-lighting "Allow Online Booking"

Currently, this configuration options controls which Primary Attendees appear in searches made by patients when making bookings via the Patient Portal. At the moment, this setting is effectively ignored for any attendee other than the primary attendee. What this means is that any clinician who could be an attendee for an appointment because of their role or specialism, could be booked regardless of whether or not they had 'Online Booking Enabled' for the session into which the patient booked the appointment.

You may be relying on this behaviour at the moment. If you allow patients to book multi attendee appointments online (using 'Modules' to control which clinicians or resources need to attend), you should consider the fact that you may need to make configuration changes to allow this to continue.

Proposed Change

This functionality will be changing in the next months, so that all attendees of a multi attendee booking must have 'Allow Online Booking' enabled for the session, for the slot to be presented to a patient when making an Online Booking. This will be the case regardless of the attendee type, whether the booking is being made into the diary of a clinician or machine, or what type of booking is being made.

What do you need to do?

To ensure that patients can continue to book multi attendee appointments into your clinicians' diaries, you should ensure that any attendees sessions have 'Allow Online Booking' enabled, whenever you want that session to be usable for online bookings, whether the attendee is a 'Primary' attendee or not.

This won't have any effect on appointments already booked, but will affect any future bookings your patients try to make. So to ensure that your patients can continue to make bookings seemlessly, remember to update any future Site Sessions before this change goes live.