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What is the purpose of the article?

This article provides links to videos showcasing different aspects of Meddbase. You will find links to videos showing configuration, workflows, full system demos as well as chargeable feature videos.


Video categories and individual links

The below table contains categories of videos with individual video links:-

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Video Category/Title

Vimeo Link

Meddbase Configuration

Users, Licences, Role Groups

Security Policies

Appointment Types and Services

Billing Rules 1 - Charge Band Price List, Provide Services Rule

Billing Rules 2 - Rule Types and Priority

Billing Rules 3 - Advanced use


Task Checker, Work, Common Catalogues

Video calls & Telemedicine configuration

Occupational Health Configuration

Stock Control Configuration

Pathology Configuration

SSO for Employers Configuration

Meddbase Workflows

Joining a Telemedicine appointment - Patient's view

Joining a Telemedicine appointment - Clinician's view

How Patients can interact with Pathways on the Patient Portal

Patient journey through the Patient Portal

How to use the Medication Delivery feature in Meddbase

Pathology Workflow

Stock Control Workflow

Reporting 1 - Overview and definitions

Reporting 2 - Building a simple report

Reporting 3 - Building a complex report

Meddbase Chargeable Feature Videos

Drug Database

Mail Merge

Report Builder

Stock Control

Online Payments

Occupational Health Portal

Absence Management

Accountancy Interface

Address Lookup by Postcode




Video calls & Telemedicine

Pathways System


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