How can you use Apple Wallet Pass with Meddbase?

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What’s the context?

The Apple Wallet enables iPhone users to securely keep tickets, keys, debit cards and more together in one place.

At Meddbase, we’ve harnessed the Apple Wallet technology to support the delivery of digital passes.

What is the purpose of the article?

This article outlines:

Who can make use of Apple Wallet Passes created through Meddbase?

Primarily this is designed for the benefit of Patients and Employees.

But as part of this process, Meddbase users will support the delivery of Apple Wallet passes through their use of the Meddbase system.

How could Apple Wallet Passes be produced through Meddbase?

An example - Generating a pass as proof of a negative COVID test result

An early application of Apple Wallet passes generated through Meddbase has been the outcome of a Covid testing process. Where the test result is negative:

  • The pass is generated through a pathway task in Meddbase
  • A patient is notified of the availability of the pass through an email notification
  • On retrieval, the patient can add the pass to their Apple Wallet.

To wrap some more context around this, the process could follow the steps outlined in the diagram below.


In this process, after the test kit has been ordered and received by the patient, the steps shown with a blue background involve the Meddbase solution where:

1. The patient logs in to the Patient Portal

2. Having logged in to the Patient Portal books a telemedicine appointment

3. Meddbase sends the patient a confirmation email for the telemedicine appointment

4. The patient and the clinical professional (who is supervising the patient's self-administration of the test) join the telemedicine appointment

5. When the telemedicine appointment is complete, the clinical professional records the test result in Meddbase

6. Where the result is positive, Meddbase uses the pathway to send an email notification of the positive result to the patient

7. Where the result is negative, Meddbase uses the pathway to send an email notification of the negative result to the patient containing a link to download an Apple Wallet pass for the negative test result






To give you an idea of what an Apple Wallet Pass could look like, the screenshot on the left provides an illustration.

Please note that for this example, we have specifically blurred the thumbnail picture of the person towards the top right.

In what other scenarios could an Apple Wallet Pass be used?

There are a range of use cases including the following:

1. Fitness to Work certificates

2. Test results

3. Proof of appointment attendance

4. A card to represent a discount for a future appointment

What Meddbase features are used to support the creation of Apple Wallet Passes in Meddbase?

As suggested by the process flow above, there are several features in Meddbase that may support the creation and delivery of Apple Wallet Passes through Meddbase.

These are summarised below:

The Meddbase feature How it is used
Pathways tasks To deliver the underpinning workflow to control the creation and distribution of Apple Wallet passes
Email templates To provide a mechanism to deliver a notification to the patient that the pass is available and a link to enable its retrieval.
SMS templates In some scenarios to provide a reminder or confirmation of telemedicine solutions.
Patient Portal In some scenarios, to facilitate the booking of appointments, that facilitate telehealth appointments.
Telemedicine In some scenarios, to facilitate video appointments that support the management of the process leading to the production of the Apple Wallet pass.

There will need to be work done by our Solution Engineering teams to support the configuration and deployment of Apple Wallet Pass solutions. Please contact your Meddbase Account Manager or contact the team via the following email address

How can the ‘look and feel’ of an Apple Wallet Pass be controlled?

There are some configuration settings to control how the Apple Wallet pass will look. These configuration options are summarised below.

What can be configured for the Apple Wallet Pass More information
Pass description Text that will appear on the front of the pass.
Pass logo file An image file that appears in the top left of the pass (e.g. chamber logo).
Pass thumbnail file The image that is displayed on the pass itself when the user opens the pass.
Icon file This is used by the iPhone to display an icon in place of the pass.
Background colour Background colour for the pass.
Foreground colour Foreground colour for the pass.
Label colour A colour for labels.
Pass expiry To specify an expiry date and time for the pass.

These settings can be matched up to configuration features of a pathway task as shown in the screenshot below.


Troubleshooting the use of Apple Wallet passes

The Apple Wallet has the option to hide/show expired passes. If you can't see your passes, there is a good chance it is hidden from view.

To view, unhide or delete expired passes:

  1. In the Wallet app on your iPhone, scroll to the bottom and tap View Expired Passes.
  2. Tap a pass to view its details.
  3. Tap Unhide to return the pass to the main view of the Wallet app or tap Delete to remove it.


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