What setup is needed to enable sending a shared document as an OH portal link?

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What's the context?

Meddbase enables documents to be shared online with employer contacts to be viewed in the Occupational Health (OH) Portal. In some scenarios, users need to manually notify employer contacts when a document is shared.

To support this, a feature has been developed which enables:

  • Meddbase users to manually email specified contacts to notify them about a shared document
  • The email recipient to select a link in the email to view the document online

But before doing that, a range of pre-requisite configuration and data setup needs to be done.

What is the purpose of the article?

This article outlines how to meet the pre-requisites. Namely:

To see how the feature is used, please view the article How to send a link to view a shared document in the OH Portal.

What pre-requisite configuration is needed to be able to use the feature?

The sub-sections below set out a checklist of configuration activities needed before the feature can be used.

The feature needs to be activated

The Emailing portal link from OH document feature needs to be activated. Please contact your account manager (email accountmanagement@meddbase.com) for advice.

The Occupational Health Portal needs to be up and running

To select a link in a notification email to view the document, the OH Portal needs to be activated, configured and in live use.

The Occupational Health Portal is also referred to as the Referral Portal.

The email template used to send notifications needs to be available

When this feature is activated, a pre-configured email template becomes available.

To view and update this template, you can do as follows:

1. From the Start page of the main application, go to Admin > Configuration

2. In the Configuration section, select Online Portal

3. Navigate to the Occupational health portal template panel

4. For the item titled Sharing document portal link via email template, click on the pencil icon next to the template


The email template is displayed.


5. From here

5.1 Edit and Save the template as required

5.2 Finally, close the browser tab for the template

What pre-requisite data is needed for organisations?

There is a range of data that needs to be set for organisations and their related contacts. This is outlined below.

Department manager(s) need to be set up for the employer

Where an email will need to be sent to department managers, these managers need to be set up for the employer.

To do this:

1. From the Start page, Find the employer company

2. On the Company record page, select Departments

3. In the Departments view, click on the row representing the department for which the manager needs to be setup

4. In the Department managers dialog select Add new manager


5. In the Select a manager dialog that appears, search for the manager and select them

Back in the Department managers dialog, the selected record is presented.


Health & Safety officer's email address needs to be set up on the employer record

Where an email will need to be sent to the Health & Safety officer, an email needs to be set up on the company record.

To do this:

1. From the Start page, Find the employer company

2. On the Company record page, select Company details

3. Add a value to Health and safety email


4. Save the record

What pre-requisite data is needed for patients?

The employer and Charge band needs to be set for the patient

It's important that the Employer, Charge band and Department are set for the patient. To check this is done:

1. From the Start page, find the patient

2. On the Patient record page, select Personal Details

3. In the Employer section, ensure the Company and Charge band is setup


4. In the Employee Details section, ensure a Department value is selected


5. Save the record

The manager also needs to be assigned to the same department as the patient record and then added as a manager via the Company record. 


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