Working with Prescription Tasks

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What's the purpose and context?

Meddbase users can create tasks which in turn enable the creation of Prescriptions.

This article outlines:

  • Pre-requisites for successful management of Repeat Prescription Tasks
  • How to create a Repeat Prescription Task
  • How to review and action a previously created Repeat Prescription Task

From the release planned for the end of June 2022, the prescription task can be used to create repeat both prescriptions and ePrescriptions.

Before you get started

There are some pre-requisites required to enable this process:

  • To create a prescription or ePrescription based on a Prescription Task, the Drug database needs to be activated (via Admin > Configuration > Chargeable features)
  • To create ePrescriptions, the chamber needs to be configured and ready to use the Medication Delivery feature.

How to create a Prescription Task for a user

You can do this as follows:

1. Find the patient record

2. From the button bar within the patient record select Assign task > Prescription Task


In the New Task dialog that appears, default values are applied for Title, Start Date, End Date and Status.

3. From here:

3.1 Set the Assigned To value from the list of users

3.2 Set the Start Date and End Date as required using the date picker

3.3 Set other values as required


4. Select Save

The Prescription Task is created and added to the Tasks list for the relevant user(s).

How to review and action a Prescription Task

After a Prescription Task has been created, these can be reviewed and actioned.

To do this:

1. Go to Tasks from the Work group in the navigator

2. In the Task list that is then displayed, select the relevant Prescription Task


3. In the Task dialog that appears, click on Prescribe in the button bar


4. In the Create a prescription dialog that appears

4.1 Type characters for drugs to prescribe

4.2 Select the drug to prescribe from the menu

4.3 Review any Preparation Warnings that appear


4.4 If satisfied, select Accept Warnings

4.5 Add further information for Dosage and Frequency, Quantity, Method, Route of Administration, Type, Duration, Review and Comments as required

Please note: The system does not undertake any form of dose-range checking, and it is subsequently the Prescriber's responsibility entirely, to verify that prescribed dose values are clinically appropriate for a given patient.


There is a range of actions offered at the bottom of the dialog as buttons. These are explained in the table below.

Button Outline explanation
Save Creates a prescription record for the patient.
When created, the prescription is logged in the Medical History of the patient.
Save and E-Prescribe
By selecting this option, a Send electronic prescription dialog is presented.
This enables the production of an ePrescription using the Medication Delivery feature.
When created, the prescription is logged in the Medical History of the patient.
Save and Send
Creates a prescription record for the patient and enables a printout of the prescription to be produced.
When created, the prescription is logged in the Medical History of the patient.
Closes the Create a Prescription dialog and returns to Prescription Task Dialog.
At this point, if the Delete button is selected an advisory message appears saying that a prescription has not been created to delete.
Once a prescription is created and edited, this button enables you to mark the prescription as deleted (although it is visible in the ‘Deleted’ section of the Medical History).

5. From here, make the appropriate selection to

5.1 Create a prescription record

5.2 Create an ePrescription

5.3 Cancel the prescription record creation process

When the Prescription has been produced, the underlying Task dialog should be displayed again.

6. If you have finished with the task:

6.1 Ensure the Status is set to Complete

6.2 Then Save the task

The Task is then marked as completed and no longer displayed in the Tasks list.

Want to see more?

The video below (approx 90 seconds) shows how to create the Prescription Task for a patient and then create a Prescription from the task.

[Full alt text]

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