Understanding Meddbase CSV Exports

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Colin Rixom
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What is the context?

CSV (comma-separated values) is the most commonly used format when it comes to importing and exporting of data between EMR’s (Electronic Medical Record Software). The intention is not for this data to be navigated through via a file explorer, but for a data handler within an imports department of an EMR to efficiently import the data. 


Reading a CSV file

The file names of the CSV’s describe the info they contain. In some cases, you will need to reference multiple CSV’s to get a single piece of data.

In this example, if you are looking for a document's file name, extension, and associated patient.

  • You will need to refer to the documents.csv for the file name(and extension), the documentguid and the accountid.
  • Use the account ID to reference the person.csv to find the patient's name and other personal details.
  • Use the file name, extension and documentguid to find and rename the document in the document folder, allowing for it to be opened and viewed within your operating system.


Review date

This article was last updated on 8th of March 2023 in the context of Meddbase version