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Meddbase includes a full suite of healthcare management software features covering consultations, scheduling, document management, electronic referrals, pathology, reporting and more.

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What is a Clinical Form?

In Meddbase a user conducting a Consultation is presented with a Clinical Form, which is a set of various types of fields, e.g., Free Text fields or Dropdown menus and more, allowing the user to capture specific information regarding their encounter with the patient.

Clinical Forms can only be accessed from a Consultation.

Clinical Forms can be custom built by Meddbase Solution Engineers based on your requirements. Click here for a video on providing Clinical Form requirements.

What is a Clinical Form Tag?

A Tag is an attribute that can be assigned to a Clinical Form field and/or section by the Meddbase Solution engineer building the particular Clinical Form.

The Tag assigned to a field and/or section allows categorising entries made in these fields and/or sections into pre-defined categories.

These categories allow filtering a patient's Medical History record.

Furthermore, entire categories can be queried and extracted into documents using Template Codes -Medical History.

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Types of Tags

The below tables list all available Tags that can be assigned to Clinical Form fields and/or sections. When providing your Clinical Form requirements, you can specify the Tag for a given field and/or section.

Name of Tag (category) Tag abbreviation (used by Meddbase Solution Engineers when building the clinical Form)


Please note! This is the default tag. If no other tag is specified for a field and/or section, this one will be used.

Administrative adm
Advice adv
Allergies a
Complaints comp
Services serv
DrugHistory dh
Documents doc
Diagnoses diag
Examinations exam
FamilyHistory fh
NumericalData num
Outcomes out
PathologyResults path
PastMedicalHistory pmh
PrescriptionsAcute pres_a


SocialHistory sh
Treatments tm
Vaccinations vacc


There are additional tags which are specific to individual chamber settings*

*Please speak with your Project Manager or Account Manager regarding using any if the below tags in your chamber


Name of Tag (category) Tag abbreviation (used by Meddbase Solution Engineers when building the clinical Form)
24 Hour 24
3rd Party 3rd
Accessory acc
Alcohol History alch
Audiometry aud
Consultant Advice  cadv
Combined comb
Current current
Dictation dict
Diet History diet
Ear Syringing earsy
Ear Treatment eartrt
Email Correspondence email
Emis Import emis
Excercise History exer
Previous Opthalmic History eye
Feeding feed
Fertility fert
Forensic History foh
HRT hrt
Internal int
Investigation inv
Joint jnt
Glasses/Contact Lens History leye
Manual manu
Mental History Health mhh
Movement mov
Muscle muc
Nerves nerv
Observation obs
Outcome of Appointment ooa
Personal History peh
Phone Call from Patient phfr
Phone Call to Patient phto
Physical phys
Power pow
Past Psychiatric History pph
Pregnancy and Birth History preg
Previous Physiotherapy History prephys
Prescription presalt
Past Surgical History psh
Results Advice radv
Referral (inbound) refi
Referral (outbound) refo
Renal Function Test Renal
Resisted rest
Reflexes rex
Previous Screening Test scr
Sick Notes sick
Smoking History smok
Stability stab
Stock Dispensed stck
Strength str
Surgery surg
Telephone Advice telad
Therapy ter
Tissue Tiss
Travel trav
Urine Dip uri
Visual Activity vis
Import vision
Vaccination Recording vrec



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