Linking Companies: Parent-Child company relationship

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What is the context?

A Company may have several contracts with other companies, and thus placing these companies in a Parent-Child relationship, where one company has a controlling interest in another company or companies.

Meddbase provides the ability to capture that relationship between Company Records for visibility and reporting purposes.

Please speak with your Account Manager or email to discuss enabling this feature in your Meddbase chamber.

What is the purpose of the article?

This article will walk you through creating Parent-Child relationships between companies, explain where the relationship is visible and how to report on said relationship.

This article will cover the following topics:-

Parent Company

To be a Parent Company, a company record must be a valid company in your Meddbase chamber. 

A Parent Company:

  • Must exist in your Meddbase chamber.
  • Must not itself be a Child of another Parent Company.

If those conditions are met, the company can be selected as the Parent on the Child Company record.

Multiple Child companies can have the same Parent company, but a Child company can only have 1 Parent.

To add a new company:

  1. From the Start Page click Add company on the Company tile.
  2. Complete the company record, with a minimum of a Name and Type, and Save.

Click here for detailed information on populating a Company record.

Child Company

Any Company that has an active record in Meddbase can be set as a Child of a Parent Company. As mentioned above, a Child company can only have 1 Parent,

If a company is set as a Child of a Parent Company it cannot itself be selected as a Parent to another.

To set a company as a Child of a Parent Company:

  • The Child Company must exist in your Meddbase chamber.
  • The Parent Company must be a valid company (as per the above).
  • A company cannot be it's own Parent.

Adding the Parent Company section to the Company Details page layout

To be able to select a Parent Company on a Child Company details page, the Parent Company section must first be added to the page layout. To do this:-

  1. From the Start Page click Find Company on the Company tile.
  2. Using the available criteria search for the company you wish to set as a Child.
  3. Click on the search result.
  4. Click Company Details.
  5. Click Layout in the top action bar.
  6. Click Unlock Layout for Editing.
  7. Click Layout again and click Layout Sections.
  8. Click Parent Company and the section is added to the page in the lower right corner. You can drag the section to a different position on the page if needed.
  9. Click Layout again:
      • Click Lock Layout - to save the page layout for yourself.
      • Click Save my layout for everyone and as company default - to apply the page layout for all users across the chamber.

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Selecting a Parent Company on the Child Company details page

Once the Parent Company section is visible on the Child Company details page, you can select the Parent Company. To do this:-

  1. From the Company Details page click in the Parent Company field*.
  2. Click Change.
  3. In the Company Search dialog window type in the name of the Parent Company and click on the search result. 
  4. Click Save to apply the change.

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*As mentioned in the 1st chapter of this article, if a company is already selected as a Parent Company for at least 1 Child Company the Parent cannot also have a Parent.

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Relationship Visibility

Parent Company View

Once the Parent Company had been selected on all relevant Child Company records, the relationship between the Parent Company its Child Company/Companies is visible on the Parent Company Details page in the Children section:

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Child Company View

Once the Parent Company had been selected on a Child Company record, the relationship between the Child Company and its Parent Company is visible on the Child Company Details page in the Parent section:

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Reporting on Parent-Child Relationship

The Reporting Schema now includes a Parent table available via Company Demographics table and relates to that table on a 1:1 basis (1 Company can have 1 Parent):

Click here for more details on building reports and report examples.

Parent-Child relationship: Company Demographics selected as the Root Table

The image below displays the 1:1 relationship between Company Demographics table and Parent table when Company Demographics is selected as the report's Root Table (report displaying a company per row)

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Parent-Child relationship: Reporting via other Root Table(s)

The image below displays the 1:1 relationship between Company Demographics table and Parent table when a different table is selected as the Root Table.

[Full alt text]


Furthermore, please see the .Gif below showcasing building a quick report on Parent-Child company relationship.

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This article was last updated on 13th of Feb 2024