Understanding the Appointments page on a patient record

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What is the purpose of the article?

This article explains what you can see and do on the 'Appointments' page and how to get there.


How to find the Patient Appointment page

You can find the appointments page from the Patient Record, as follows:

1. From the Start Page, select the Patient tile

2. Select Find Patient

3. In the Search screen

3.1 Search for the patient using the patient demographics

3.2 Or choose from the list of Previous Search Results

Upon clicking onto the patient, you will be on the Patient Record. From here:

4. Click Appointments in the Actions panel


You are taken to the Patient Appointment page.


Features of the Appointment page

Once you're on the Appointments Page, you are able to view all appointments that have been booked for the patient, past, present and future.


From here for each appointment you can view:

  • The appointment type
  • The details if provided
  • The site for the appointment
  • The date and time of the appointment
  • The status using colour coded text indicating whether the appointment was
      • Cancelled
      • The patient Did not arrive (DNA)
      • Or the patient was successfully Arrived

From here you can also:

  • Select the button in the button in the bottom left of the screen to download the appointment list to csv file
  • Click on a row to select a particular appointment.


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