Cancellation Charges Rule

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The Cancellation Billing Rule, when applied to the relevant chargeband,  will Automatically Generate and invoice, when an appointment is marked as "Cancelled" or "Patient did not arrive".


Start by Clicking "+Add rule" and then select "New cancellation Charges Rule"


  • Name - Set the name of the rule
  • Notice Period - Set the time prior to the appointment at which the cancellation charges take effect e.g. 1h, 2d, 1w…
  • Cancellation Type - Choose between did-not-arrive and cancellation
    This will determine if the invoice is created when the appointment is market as "Cancelled" or "patient did not Arrive"
  • Payer - Choose to bill the patient or the default payer
  • Percentage of Bill - Choose the percentage of the bill that is charged upon cancellation
  • Fixed value- Set a fixed amount to be charged for a cancellation
  • Apply to all services? - If checked, all services will incur the same charges, when unchecked only those defined in the ‘Service Charges’ section will be billed cancellation
  • Cancellation Charges Apply When
    • Primary Doctor is - Rule only applies if a specific doctor is attending
    • Site is - Rule only applies if the appointment is at a specific site
    • Location is - Rule only applies if the appointment is in a specific location
    • Tag is - Rule only applies if the ‘Billing Tag’ for a session is equal to the text field
  • Service Charges - If ‘Apply to all services?’ is unchecked you may define which services incur cancellation charges here.


Please make ensure to add this rule is any/all charge bands you wish to implement it on