Working with the 'Provide Services Rule' to control service availability

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What is the Context of this Article?

There are different ways that you can control the availability of services for booking. A simple option that may do what you need is to:

  1. Set up a Price List
      • Ensure the Provide services with prices? check-box is ticked for the Price List
  2. Ensure that Services are added to the Price List
  3. Ensure the Price List is added to a Chargeband

But that may not always fit the bill.


What is the Purpose of this Article?

This article explains:


What does the Provide Services Rule do?

The Provide Services rule works in conjunction with Price Lists on a Chargeband. When the Provide services with prices? check-box is not ticked on a Price list, you can use the Provide Services rule to define what services are available under different conditions for a Chargeband


How do you set up the Provide Services Rule?

To set up a Provide Services Rule:

1. Go to Start Page > Admin > Billing Rules

2. Select the required company under which the Provide Services Rule should be created

3. Click on + Add rule under the company

4. From the menu that appears, select New Provide Services Rule...

Select provide new services rule from menu in Billing rules

You are presented with a Provide Services Rule Details panel on the right-hand side of the screen. This contains a range of fields and sections as outlined in the table below.

Section / Field Explanation
Provide Services Rule Details
Name Enables you to set the name of the Provide Services rule that will be displayed in the Billing rules list.
Provide Services When...
Primary Clinician/Role is Enables you to define that the rule only applies when a specific clinician is attending
Site is Enables you to define that the rule only applies if the appointment is at a specific site
Location is Enables you to define that the rule only applies if the appointment is at a specific location within a site
Tag is Enables you to define that the rule only applies if the 'Billing Tag' for a session is equal to the text field
Services to Provide

Enables you to select the services that apply within this Provide Services rule.

If a service is not ticked, it will not be available to the Chargeband through this Provide Services rule.

5. Set the Name for the Provide Services rule

6. Set the values for Provide Services When... as needed

7. In the Services to Provide section

7.1 Click on + Show All

7.2  Click on + Add in the required category (to show all services)

7.3 Tick each service for which this rule applies.

Ticking services to provide checkboxes in Provide Service Rule Details

The Provide Services Rule is automatically saved as you update it.


Want to see how it's done?

The short video below shows an example of how a Provide Service Rule can be created.

walk-through video of creating a new provide services rule


How do you apply the Provide Services Rule to a Chargeband, with the appropriate type of Price List?

When the Provide Services Rule has been created, there are further steps needed to make it usable. These are explained in outline below.

1. Ensure a Chargeband is available. Either

1.1 Create a new Chargeband

1.2 Identify the existing Chargeband to which the Provide Services Rule will apply

2. Ensure a Pricelist is available. Either

2.1 Create a new Pricelist and ensuring the Provide services with prices? check-box is unticked

2.2 Use an existing and ensuring the Provide services with prices? check-box is unticked


3. Go to the relevant Chargeband

3.1 Ensure the Pricelist is added as a rule to the relevant Chargeband

3.2 Add the Provide Services rule to the Chargeband

Add Provide Services rule to a Chargeband

3.3 Add further rules as required


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