Multi-Attendee Appointments\Staggered Bookings

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The booking confirmation page allows the booking user to carry out additional functions relating to the appointment. 

  • Change the appointment length
  • Change the start time
  • Add additional attendees
  • Stagger the attendee

The booking confirmation page is displayed as the final part of the booking, or it can also be loaded by opening the appointment and clicking on “Change date, time, attendees and notes” 

To change the appointment length, select a new duration from the drop down 

To alter the start time, you can either drag the red bar by clicking the left mouse button and dragging the bar left or right. It will snap to a 15 min slot. Alternatively you can enter a new start time. This can be entered to the nearest minute. 

To add additional attendees, simply use the tick box next to the attendee name. The attendee will be lit up in yellow. 

If you wish to stagger the attendee, you have two option. You can stagger the start time and / or the length of the attendee. 

For example, you may wish Dr Jones to see the patient at 10am for 0h30 mins and Dr Adams to see the patient at 10:30 or 1h00. 

The change the attendee length, select a new length from the drop down list of the attendee which is located under the attendee name. 

The change the attendee start time, hold down CTRL on the keyboard, and drag the red bar associated with the attendee. 

You may also use the technique if you wish the show the patient arriving before the clinician. Simply hold down CTRL and drag the bar to the actually start time of the attending clinician. 

The appointment will be logged as the start time of the patient appointment. The main scheduler will illustrate the start time of the relevant attendee.