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The advanced patient search is a feature of the system that allows you to clinically audit your current list of patients. This has both clinical and marketing purposes and can be used.

If you have less specific search criteria for your patient or you are looking for a range of patient's you may find the ‘Advanced Search’ tool helpful (Start Page > Patient > Advanced Search) located under the Patient heading.

Upon loading this tool, you will find that this interface differs substantially. You will be able to select from a range of predicates such as: 

Predicates: This is a drop-down list of all of the options you search under. When you have selected the initial or the only predicate you wish to search on the 'Add' button needs to be selected.

Age Range:  Allows you to specify the ages of the patients you wish to view. Once the age range has been selected, clicking outside of the box will start the search and the results will be displayed.

Answered a questionnaire question with a specific answer:  If you subscribe to this feature, you can choose to see which of your patients has asked any of your questions with a particular answer. 

Has a Specific Employer: Allows you to search by a specific employer 

Numeric-Field Range: If you record numerical data on your patient, this will display any patients within a number range you specify.

Number Field measured between a date range: Allows you to choose a numeric field, and a date range. Ie. You can view every person who has had a Weight measurement between specific dates.

Provided a service between a date-range:  You can choose from the appointments and services in your system, and the relevant patients who have had this between the specified dates will be listed. 

Provided a vaccine with a specific batch number: This can be used to locate who has been given a specific batch of vaccine in the event of a recall.

Sex: Male or Female 

Taken specific drug preparation: Which drugs your patients have been prescribed 

Taken specific drug preparation between date range: as above, but specified by date range 

SNOMED CT concept assigned: If you subscribe to the consultation suite, any information you enter into this is automatically coded using the SNOMED standard

And this can then be searched for using this option. 

And, Or, & And Not:

Using these 3 statements will allow you to build a bespoke report around your patient list.

AND = The patient has had this AND that.

OR =   The patient has had this OR that

AND NOT = The patient has had this AND NOT that.

Once you are happy with your conditions you may search and export the list. If you feel you will be using this search (or a similar search) often you may save this as a search template by filling in the ‘Name’ field and hitting ‘Save Search’.