Booking an Appointment: Side-by-side Scheduler

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If the slot finder doesn’t fit with your workflow, you may opt for the ‘Side-by-side Scheduler’ instead. This tool gives you an overview of your clinic allowing you to see who is available and when at a moments glance. Open the side-by-side scheduler by going to Clinician > Side by Side Schedules.

The page you are presented with once opening the tool, will give you an instant visual representation of your clinic’s workload. The right hand pane allows you to adjust which day and the range of days being shown (You can also print the clinic schedule for the day, week or month here).

The left hand pane will allow you to filter your view based on a number of parameters, these include: 

  •          Individual Clinicians
  •          Clinician Sex
  •          Clinician Discipline
  •          Clinician Role

You can also change the site by using the drop down box at the top of the page. 

In order to make an appointment from this page simply locate an appropriate slot and click to begin the booking process. The next page will prompt you to pick a patient for this appointment, however, if this is a new patient, you may also create a patient from this page. Once a patient is selected you will be progressed on to the attendees page (see the ‘Adding / Modifying Attendees’ in this manual for help with this section).

Make any changes you desire here and save to complete the booking process. The side by side scheduler can also be accessed directly from a patient record. Appointments within this schedule are colour coded according to their status, booked (white), arrive (green), discharged (grey) and did-not-arrive (red).