Adding / Modifying Applied Services

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Once the appointment has been made (or during the appointment making process) you may wish to add further services. If you have already made an appointment and you wish to add services to this appointment, open the appointment page and click ‘Change Services’ button in the actions pane. If the patient has already been arrived and you wish to add further services click the ‘Add Additional Services’ button.

Performing any of these actions will present you with the ‘Service Picker’, as seen here. This tool allows you to apply any of the services within your system to the appointment (for information on adding services please go to the ‘Creating Services’ section of this manual) assuming they are provided on the patient’s charge band (See the ‘Billing Rules’ section for more about this).

To find the service you wish to add you can simply browse the sections in the central pane and select the service, or use the search box to the left hand side. Once the service has been found, click once to add this to the ‘Chosen Services’ box. The price will fill in automatically according to the patient’s charge band although you may change this by clicking on either the net or gross price (for insurers charging excess to patients, the excess will also appear here).

To remove a service, simply click the red cross to the right hand side of the service.

If the patient wishes to receive a treatment from a different charge band (such as choosing to self-pay for specific services) you may choose to change the payer and charge band. Towards the bottom of the page click the ‘New Payer’ button.

A dialogue box will appear allowing you to switch from the patient’s default payer and charge band to any payer and charge band listed in the patient’s details section. Insurers, employers, legal companies and schools will only appear if they are listed in the patient details and a charge band is available for these companies.

Changing the payer and charge band will automatically update the available services to those available on the new charge band.

Finally, you may also change the creditor here from the default company to any company set with a type of ‘Internal’. If the patient is to pay a sum towards an appointment that is otherwise being paid by a company, this amount may be added into the ‘Co-Payment’ section; this will raise a secondary invoice directly to the patient. Unlike excess, this payment will not be tied to a specific service but to the invoice total.