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What's the context and purpose?

Meddbase allows you to set up Membership Schemes* on a weekly, monthly or yearly billing frequency. Should you wish to charge patients a membership fee, you'll need to create a charge band for members.

Memberships will only work for your patients' Self Pay Charge Band(s). Enabling a membership raises an invoice up-front, therefore a company cannot be charged.

This article outlines how to set up a Membership Scheme in a new Chargeband and an explanation of the key configuration values for Membership Schemes.

*Before setting up a Membership Scheme on a Charge Band, please contact Opayo and ask for Repeat Payments to be turned on for your account.


*Note: It is now possible to prevent patients from accessing areas of the patient portal without first providing card details and paying the initial invoice that is generated for the membership. When this is enabled, they are not able to navigate to other areas of the patient portal until they enter their card details. Instead the card details page persists and they are unable to book appointments and services.  To enable this feature, please speak to your CAM.


How to set up a Membership Scheme as a Chargeband

To set up a Membership Scheme as a new Chargeband:

1. Go to Admin > Billing Rules

2. Find the company for whom the Chargeband should be created

3. Add a New Chargeband via + Add rule in the menu list (as described in Adding a chargeband)

4. Add any rules that are required to the Chargeband (as described in Adding rules to a chargeband)

5. Towards the bottom of the screen click on Enable Membership Scheme

The Membership Scheme panel is displayed with a range of fields that can be configured

6. Add required field values in the Membership Scheme panel


The values recorded are automatically saved.


An explanation of Membership Scheme chargeband configuration values

The table below provides a brief explanation of the Membership Scheme fields.

Field Explanation
Name The name of the Membership scheme.
Service Code The code of the Membership Scheme to be used on invoices.

The price to be billed on each invoice.

So if the Price is 100 and the Billing Frequency is Monthly, when the membership moves into the standard billing cycle from the second invoice onwards, the price before VAT on the Invoice is 100.

Vat Exempt Defines whether the membership is subject to VAT.
Billing Frequency Defines the frequency of billing. This is either WeeklyMonthly or Annually.
Day of Billing

This field appears when you select Monthly as the Billing Frequency and provides a pick-list of numbers from 1 to 28. The day selected here will define the default day of the month when invoices are generated for the membership.

However, if the Membership Joined date is different from the default Day of Billing, the first invoice is generated on the date joined. To ensure the first invoice covers at least one month, the next invoice is scheduled for the Day of Billing but is always more than a month away.

So if the Monthly Billing day is 1 and the Date joined is 15 January, then the next invoice date would be 1 March.

Online payment Defines whether the Membership Scheme is available for online application through the Patient Portal.


Want to see more?

The short video below shows the steps for setting up a Membership Scheme on a Chargeband from the starting point of Billing Rules.



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