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Booking an imaging appointment is much the same as booking any other appointment type, however, the application of services may vary slightly.

Upon reaching the service picker page you may apply services as per usual, however, in the case of adding a multipart service there are some requirements. In the example from ‘Creating Multipart PACS Services’ we created a ‘Two Part Scan’ service. To use this service, we must add the ‘Two Part Scan’ AND the two parts to be scanned (for example Lumbar Spine + Thoracic Spine).

If the number of individual PACS services is not equal to the number defined within the multipart PACS service (for example, we chose multipart 2 for this service so we require two further PACS services) a warning will be displayed informing the user of this on the patient arrival.

To resolve this issue, open the ‘Change Services’ section and add or remove services as appropriate. Once the patient is successfully arrived, an alert will inform the Radiographer that the patient is waiting and provide them with details regarding their needs.