Adding a Price List to a Charge band

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What is the Purpose and Context of this Article?

This article outlines adding a Price List to an existing Charge band.


How to Add a Price list to a Charge band

Step 1: Find the Company Relating to the Charge band

1.1 Go to Admin > Billing Rules

1.2 Where the company is not displayed:

1.2.1 Click in the Add Companies field

1.2.2 Input the search text

1.2.3 Click on the company in the search result so that it appears in the company list 

1.3 Click the + icon next to the relevant company​


Step 2: Find the Charge band

2.1 Where you are adding a rule to an existing Charge band, click on the relevant Charge band ​



Step 3: Add Price List to Charge band

3.1 Within the Rules panel on the right-hand side, click + Add Rule

3.2 Within the Add Rule to Set popup window that appears, click the + icon next to the company under which you created the Price List

3.3 Click on the Price List you want to add, such as 'Standard Price List'


3.4 Close the popup window


The Price List is added to the Charge band.



Want to see more?

The short video below outlines the steps of how to add the Price List to a Charge band.



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