Report Query Builder - Reporting on meta fields using the Alias Manager

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What is the context?

Meddbase allows users to create custom or meta fields on Company, Patient and Medical Person record pages. These custom fields allow capturing information in free text format that may not have a designated field in the standard Meddbase application. Information captured in  these fields can be reported on.

Click here for a detailed article on adding meta fields.


What is the purpose of the article?

This article will walk you through the process of reporting on patient meta fields using an alias.

The assumption that you already have a basic understanding of reporting, if you don't - click here before reading this article.


Finding the key for the meta field 

To report on a meta field, you need to use the field's Key. You need to navigate to the page where the meta field has been added (Patient Record, Medical Person Record or Company Record) and follow the steps below:-

  1. Click the Layout button and click Unlock Layout for Editing.
  2. Click the down arrow button down_arrow.png 


3. After doing that you get the following screen

Now that you know the Key of the field (Marketing) we can build a report to show the Values captured in the field.


Build the Report using the Alias Manager

This will be a standard patient demographics report however, we are going to add a column which pulls in the data from the previously highlighted meta field. To start building the report:-

1. From the Start Page navigate to Admin.

2. Click Report Management, click New Report Query 

3. Create the report:-

  • Select the Root Table - Patient demographics 
  • Add some columns from the Patient demographics table

4. Click Alias Manager

5 Select New Alias and give it a relevant name, for this example use "Opt out of marketing Y or N"

6. Click New Reference and select "Meta fields" from the list.


Now you should have an alias and a reference.

7. Click Edit filter.

8. Select column or parameter > select other parameter > expand columns > select key.


9. Specify the key equals Marketing as was established at the beginning.


When the Alias is ready it should look as shown below.



10. Click Proceed.


Now the report should show the Value captured in that field. To achieve this, use a column from your Alias:-

1. Click New Column and scroll down the list until you find the "Opt out of marketing Y or N" Alias table.

2. Expand the Alias table, expand the Columns folder and select the Value column.



After selecting that, give the column a name and the report will be ready - it should look something like this:



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