Virtual Clinicians

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Greg Pietras
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You may find yourself in a situation whereby appointments must be scheduled, but the clinician is not yet known. For this scenario, Meddbase introduces the concept of 'Virtual Clinicians'.


A virtual clinician can be added to your system simply by navigating to Start Page > Clinician > Add Virtual Clinician  


These clinicians allow you to create site sessions and book appointments as with a regular clinician. These appointments and sessions can then be easily reassigned to a real individual at a later date.


The 'Add virtual clinician' page contains the most basic demographic information, such as:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Sex 
  • Specialism
  • Slot Size

The information is required in order to work in tandem with the filters on the slot finder.

Once the information is captured, your new 'Virtual' clinician can be scheduled and booked as a standard clinician.