Booking an Appointment: Slot Finder

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Booking an appointment can be achieved in a number of ways within Meddbase depending upon your personal preference, the first of these is the ‘Slot Finder’.

This tool is used to search for the next available slot in your clinic so that bookings can be made quickly without having to search for free space in the side-by-side schedules. To find this tool from the start page, go to Clinician > Slot finder.

The first stage will be to select the patient attending the appointment, begin by searching for and selecting your patient (alternatively, if the patient has not been registered, you may also add them here). With the patient selected you will be moved on to the ‘Slot Finder’ tool.

Initially no appointment times will be shown until you have chosen the appointment type in the left hand pane. In order for appointments to be available within the slot finder there are two requirements:

There is an appointment available

The clinician has a user profile within Meddbase

If there are no appointments or if the clinician has not got an account with Meddbase this page will remain blank.

You can go on to add more conditions here in order to receive more accurate appointments. The filters available to you here are:

  •          The ‘After’ Date (Defines the earliest result displayed)
  •          The range of acceptable dates
  •          How many results you would like
  •          The creditor
  •          The appointment type
  •          Any modules or services to be applied in the appointment
  •          The clinician discipline, role and sex
  •          AM/PM appointments
  •          The duration of the appointment
  •          Specific site or clinician.

You may also add any referral letters or referrers here.

Once you have defined your required appointment variables a list of slots that fulfil your criteria will be displayed. The information displayed within the central pane will show you the date, start time, site, location, appointment types accepted, the session subject and the price of the appointment. Select a slot to continue to make the booking.

The next screen will allow you to make alterations to the slot as well as including many other features (For help with this section, go to ‘Adding / Modifying Attendees’). Once you have made any changes to this page you need click the ‘Save’ button in the top left. If you have chosen a date or time that has already passed, confirmations not to be sent or picked a time that a clinician is unavailable you will be informed of this, at which point you may proceed or make the necessary changes.

Once saved, the booking is complete. The slot finder is also accessible directly from the patient homepage.