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What is the context?

Meddbase System Administrators/Superusers with access to the Admin section of the Start Page can view and modify a host of configuration options and settings controlling the behaviour and workflows in the application. Many of the above are configured/controlled via the Configuration section*.

This article is a part of a collection of articles on the Admin > Configuration section. Click here for an overview article.

Many of the settings described in this series have default values when a Meddbase chamber is first created and do not need changing. 


Access to the Admin section and the ability to add/change configuration and settings are determined by the User's Role Group membership and Security Policy permissions granted. Please refer to the below articles for more details.

Understanding Role Groups - Definitions, related workflows and behaviours

Security policies - Overview


What is the purpose of the article?

This article is an overview of the Admin > Configuration > Booking section and the available settings within.


Admin > Configuration > Booking

To access the Configuration section, a permitted User should:-

1. From the Start Page navigate to Admin.

2. Click Configuration.

3. Click Booking.


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The below table explains each setting, field and/or tick box in detail:


Setting Description/effect
Slot Finder
Auto-search on clinician slot finder

This checkbox controls whether a user needs to click a 'search' button before results are shown when booking an appointment via the Slot Finder. 

When ticked/set to 'True', the search for available slots happens automatically in the Slot Finder after the parameters for the search are set.

Slot finder range This dropdown allows you to select how far into the future the Slot Finder will be allowed to search for appointment slot availability 
Appointment slot length source

These checkboxes allow you to select the 'source of truth' for the available slot search result in the Slot Finder.

If Clinician slot length is selected, the available slots will be presented according to the clinician's time slot size set under Clinician Details > Personal Details > Schedule > Time slot size, e.g. Time slot size set to 30 mins = appointment slot available every 30 mins


If Selected appointment length is selected, the available slots will be presented according to the given appointment type's default duration set under Admin > Appointment Admin > [Edit] > Default Duration, e.g. appointment type default duration set to 15 mins = appointment slot available every 15 mins

Enable single page booking via slot finder

This checkbox controls whether the 'Book Appointment' page that normally appears after the Slot Finder will be displayed, or some of the fields from that page will be brought into the Slot Finder

When ticked/set to 'True', the fields: Subject, Notes, Cancellation Policy, as well as the Send Confirmation and Telemedicine checkboxes are shown in the Slot Finder. Clicking 'Proceed' on the 'Appointment Search' page books the appointment and brings the user directly to the Appointment Home page.

Include read-only results in slot finder

This checkbox controls whether to display sessions received from a 3rd party system to booking operatives in Meddbase, without allowing them to actually make bookings into the sessions.


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