Updating TDL price lists

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Every year, TDL make changes to their price list. Once this price list is received by us at Meddbase, we import it.

Important to note before starting:

  • If you are using a Price List Modifier rule to add a percentage mark up to the TDL prices, please navigate through both sections 1 and 2. Ensuring you only add the provide service rule in Section 1 and not the price list.

  • This list is received directly from TDL and no changes are made by Meddbase. 
  • These price lists and provide service rules need to be added to all active charge-bands every year, replacing the old TDL price list.
  • Please note that not only the prices have changed, but some of the tests themselves. This may be as simple as a rename or the test being removed. Please familiarise yourself with the new list of tests before replacing the previous years one.


1.Updating Price List and provide service rule.

Please note that the examples provided below are that of a demo environment. Your chambers rules may appear different however the method remains the same.

  1. From the Start Page, navigate to Admin > Billing Rules
  2. Click the + icon next to your company:
  3. Click on the charge band you want to add the rules to:
  4. Under Rules on the right, click Add rule...

  5. A pop-up window titled Add Rule To Set should now appear. Within the popup window:

  6. Click the + icon next to the company the rules belong to, this case, we are looking for the TDL Company
  7. Click on the price list and provide service rule you want to add:

  8. Close the popup window.
  9. Once this is complete, its vital to remember to remove the old TDL rules from your chargeband as we no longer want to use the outdated prices.
  10. When navigating back to the chargeband, you will notice that there are now Multiple TDL price lists, as shown below.
  11. This can be simply done by clicking the "X" next to any rules/price lists you wish to remove. Ensure that only the rules you wish to use remain on your chargeband.
  12. This should be all that is required to change your chargeband to an up to date TDL price list. Please ensure that this is done to all currently active chargebands.

Important to note:

Both the price list and provide service rule are required.
Simply adding the price list will not make these tests available to book, the "provide all service rule" is required to provide all the TDL tests visible on the Pricelist.

If you wish to provide only a select few services, this can be done by creating your own provide service rule and not using the "Provide all services one"

If you wish to provide only a select few TDL tests please refer to the guide linked below:

Creating new provide service rule


If you are not applying a mark up to these prices you should be complete with the updating of your TDL prices and services.

Please feel free to contact our support team via a ticket if you experience any difficulties.


2.When using a Price List Modifier Rule


This section is only required for chambers applying a mark up to their TDL services.

When using this type of rule, the rule does not need to be removed from any chargebands, however, the price list applied to the Price List Modifier Rule needs to be changed.

This can be achieved by:

  • Finding the Price List Modifier Rule, this is usually stored under your company's folder. In this example, it is called TDL +30%
  • Once found, click it to reveal it's settings on right-hand side. Change the price list by clicking the Price List option (as shown below).
  • This should bring up a Select Price List window, navigate to the TDL company, and select the new price list you wish to use. 
  • This should automatically save the changes and your Price List Modifier should display the correct price list.
  • Please note:A provide service rule is still required with price list modifier.
    You should have at least 1 Provide service rule and at least a Price list Modifier rule OR Price list (not both)