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What is the purpose of the article?

This article will provide detailed information on extracting information about Cases into Templates using Template Code, as well as using the Cases table in the reporting tool to produce relevant reports.


Case-related Template Codes

When building Templates a Meddbase user can use the below Template Codes to extract case-related information from the database into a document:

Click here for an article introducing the concept of Template Codes.

Code Action/Information extracted
{Referral.Case.SafeTitle} External/Client facing Case Name
{Referral.Case.Title} Internal Case Name
{Referral.Case.DateCreated} Date Case was created
{Referral.Case.Closed} Returns True or False
{Referral.Case.DateClosed} Date/Time Case was Closed


    Please note: Template code should be typed into a Template. Copy/paste is not recommended.  


Reporting on Cases

The Report Query Builder tool in Meddbase allows users to build complex report queries based on a selected Root Table, determining what will be displayed in each row of the report.

Meddbase reporting tool includes a Cases table which allows users to build reports which link cases and Referrals, and also report on all the newly created reportable fields like Case Safe Name.

To start building a report on Cases:

  1. From the Start Page navigate to Admin > Report Management
  2. Click New report query
  3. Select the table Cases and hit Next
  4. In the Column Builder, select relevant columns, add filters and use aggregates accordingly and click Proceed to run your query*

*The table below describes each column in the Cases table and the data it returns:

Column Action/Information extracted
ID ID number automatically assigned to each Case

Name of the Case 

Date Created Date and time when Case was created
Deleted True or False
Diagnosis Name Diagnosis assigned to the Case; list of Diagnosis Names configured in Admin>Common Catalogues>Diagnosis Codes>Name
Diagnosis Code Code to the Case; list of Diagnosis Codes configured in Admin>Common Catalogues>Diagnosis Codes>Code
Closed True or False
Date Closed

Date and Time when Case was closed

Please note! 01/01/1753 00:00:00 = 0, False or Not Closed

Safe Title Safe Names for Cases configured in Admin>Common Catalogues>Case Names>Safe name; Safe names are visible e.g. to managers using the Referral Portal
All Clinical Form
An array of all clinical form fields that were filled in within a case


    Please click here for a detailed report on selecting a root table. Subsequent articles explaining the process of building a report can also be found in the same section of the Knowledgebase.






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