Membership Schemes - An explanation of Invoice schedules and calculations

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What's the context and purpose?

Meddbase allows you to set up Membership Schemes* on a weekly, monthly, or yearly billing frequency. Should you wish to charge patients a membership fee, you'll need to create a charge band for members.

Memberships will only work for your patients' Self Pay Charge Band(s). Enabling a membership raises an invoice up-front, therefore a company cannot be charged.

This article outlines how a Membership Scheme charge is calculated and scheduled. 

To learn more about setting up a Membership Scheme you can read this article: Membership Schemes - Configuration Overview.

*Before setting up a Membership Scheme on a Charge Band, please contact Opayo and ask for Repeat Payments to be turned on for your account.

How are monthly membership invoices calculated?

As months are variable in length, the initial invoicing schedule for new members on a monthly Membership Scheme is as follows: 

  • First invoice date = today (your chambers local time)
  • Second invoice year = year of (today + 2 months)
    • Second invoice month = month of (today + 2 months)
    • Second invoice day = membership scheme billing day
  • First invoice amount = membership monthly price divided by 30 days multiplied by total days between first and second invoice 

This can be seen in these examples: 

Date Joined Monthly Billing Day Second Invoice Date EXAMPLE:
Standard Membership Fee (Monthly)

Days between day joined & the second invoice

First Invoice Bill

1/1/2021 1 1/3/2021 £100 58 £193.33
1/1/2021 15 15/3/2021 £100 72 £240
1/1/2021 20 20/3/2021 £100 77 £256.67
15/1/2021 1 1/3/2021 £100 44 £146.67
15/1/2021 15 15/3/2021 £100 59 £196.67
15/1/2021 20 20/3/2021 £100 63 £210


    Please note: In the instance where a member wishes to end their membership, the end date to provide services could be either the up to/up to and including the next invoice date. 


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