Recording patient non-attendance (Did Not Arrive) at an Appointment

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What's the context?

If a patient does not arrive for an appointment (i.e. was a 'DNA'), you may want to record the event and have the opportunity to apply pre-configured charges for non-attendance.

What is the purpose of the article?

This article outlines:

Before you start...

It's important to note that:

  • Rules about charges for patient non-attendance are set up in Billing Rules as a particular type of a Cancellation Charges rule
  • An appointment cannot be marked as a 'Did Not Arrive' if
    • The appointment has already been cancelled
    • Patient arrival for the appointment has already been recorded

Steps to record that a patient 'Did not arrive' for an appointment

To record that a patient did not arrive for an appointment:

1. Navigate to the appointment

1.1 Either via the Side by Side Schedules (via clicking on the Meddbase logo and choosing Schedule from the menu)

1.2 Or through Start > Find Patient > Patient record > Appointments section         


2. Select the appointment to be marked as 'Did not arrive'

3. In the Appointment Home page, click the Patient did not arrive option within the Actions pane


You are presented with an Are you sure? pop-up dialog.


This enables you to take different actions. These screen features and options are explained in the table below.

Option / Feature Explanation
DNA fee

The fee that can potentially be charged to this appointment as a result of non-attendance. 

This amount is dependent on the setup of the Cancellation Charge Rule.

Payer The person or organisation who will be the debtor for any DNA fee created.
DNA and create charge By selecting this option, you record that the patient did not arrive and create a charge as per the DNA fee shown in red.
DNA with no charge By selecting this option, you record that the patient did not arrive but do not create a charge.
No action

By selecting this option you do not record that the patient did not arrive.

The options to cancel, arrive or equally record a DNA will still consequently be available.

In this example, we are going to 'DNA' the appointment and create a charge.

4. Select the DNA and create charge button at the bottom of the pop-up dialog


The process of recording that the patient did not arrive is complete.

What is the effect of recording that a patient did not arrive for an appointment?

There are a few effects that are noted below:

  • Once the appointment has been marked as 'Patient did not arrive' the only remaining option available in the Actions pane of the appointment page is to access Patient documents.
  • If you recorded a charge as part of the 'Patient did not arrive' process, an invoice is visible from the appointment and can be selected


  • The appointment appears in the Appointment History for the patient with a status of Did not arrive


  • The appointment appears in the clinician's diary marked with a specific background colour


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