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What is the context?

Meddbase supports a wide variety of workflows and processes and security is of utmost importance in the system.

There are several on-screen pop-ups, warnings and alerts throughout the application that appear in various situations, informing and warning users of important and often irreversible steps they are about to take.

There are other on-screen pop ups users may see when using Meddbase that will not be listed in this article, e.g. pop-ups signposting actions, configuration save confirmations and more

What is the purpose of the article?

This article lists and describes types of on-screen pop ups, warnings and alerts Meddbase users can encounter whilst using the system and the context in which those pop ups, warnings and alerts appear.

These pop ups, warning and alerts are:


Access Denied pop-up

In Meddbase data security is of utmost importance and users' ability to interact with data and make changes in the system strictly governed by Security Policies. Click here for more details. 

When a user attempts to take action in Meddbase that they are not permitted to take, they will be presented with an Access Denied pop-up, informing them of the specific permission they do not have.

The below example shows a user attempting to access company documents without having permission to do so.



The user can Request Access and state the reason for the request, e.g. 'Accessing company documents is part of my daily job'. The request will be sent to the owner of the Security Policy that prevented the action.

The policy owner can Grant or Deny the request and modify the user's permissions or role group membership.


Appointment status update pop-up(s)

An appointment booked in Meddbase (booked in the application or via the Patient Portal, Fast Booking Portal or Referral Portal) has a Status*, reflecting the appointment workflow progress:

      • Not Arrived 
      • Arrived
      • Being Seen
      • Discharged

*During the process of conducting the appointment in Meddbase, its Status is updated by a user. Updating an appointment status is Final and can not be reversed. When an appointment status is about to be changed, the system displays a pop-up warning, asking the user to confirm the step.


Changing the appointment status from 'Not Arrived' to 'Arrived'

Clicking on an appointment block takes the user to the Appointment Home page, where status update options are highlighted with different colours.

Clicking Patient has arrived (colour coded green) displays the below pop-up 


Clicking Yes will change the appointment status from Not Arrived to Arrived*

*If the setting found in Admin > Configuration > Accountancy > Invoice generation is set to On arrival, confirming this step can also raise an invoice


Confirming this step also changed the colour of the appointment block from light orange to blue on the session timeline.



Changing the appointment status from 'Arrived' to 'Being Seen'

Typically the next appointment status update option is to change the status from Arrived to Being Seen. 

Clicking Patient is being seen on the Appointment home page and subsequently clicking Yes on the pop-up warning changes the appointment status.



Confirming this step also changed the colour of the appointment block from blue to green on the session timeline.



Changing the appointment status from 'Being Seen' to 'Discharged' outside the Consultation

An appointment status can be changed to Discharged either:

      • By clicking Discharge* in the Actions section of a Clinical Form in Consultation


*The Discharge label can be changed as needed to, e.g. End Appointment etc. Please contact the Client Account Management on: for more details on amending Clinical Forms.

      • By clicking Patient has been discharged/left the building on the Appointment Home page


Appointment and service booking pop-up(s)

Meddbase users can be receive on-screen pop-ups containing additional information or warnings when booking Appointment Types and add Services.

The messages to be displayed can be defined as needed:

      • For Appointment Types - under Admin > Appointment Admin > New/Edit > Notes for admin
      • For Services - under Admin > Service Management > New/Edit > Notes for admin

Users have to click Accept on these pop-ups before they continue the booking process.



Prescription preparation warning(s)

Meddbase has a built-in integration with First Data Bank who offer a centralised drugs database of over 70,000 drug products and packs.

When Medical Users (Clinicians/Doctors) prescribe drugs in Meddbase, Preparation Warnings* pop-up on-screen. These include sensitivity/allergy alerts, drug to drug interaction warnings, as well as other warnings and disclaimers.

Click here for more details on prescribing drugs.

*The user must accept (acknowledge) these waring before they can complete the prescription.



Patient Admin Notes highlight

Important information about a patient can be typed into the Admin Notes found on the Patient Record page.

To access the Patient Record page:

  1. From the Start Page click Find Patient
  2. Search for a patient using the available search criteria and click on the search result.

If any relevant information had been entered into the Admin Notes* free text field, e.g. Patient has trouble hearing, the outline of the field will flash red to draw the users attention.

When adding new information into the field the outline of the field flashes green to inform the user that the information was saved.

*The position of this field on the Patient Record, e.g. front and centre can be changed by clicking Layout > Unlock Layout for Editing, dragging the Admin Notes field to the desired position on the page and clicking Layout>Lock Layout



Expired batch warning

In Meddbase, when users are dispensing Products and/or Vaccines that are under Batch Control* in Consultation there is an option to Show expired batches and dispense from them.

In these cases a pop-up warning will be displayed requiring the user to click Accept and continue in order to dispense stock from an expired batch.



Wiping a Patient Record warning

Wiping (completely removing) a Patient Record in Meddbase is a 2-step process, each with its own pop-up warnings:

1. Delete deleting a Patient Record changes its status from Active to Deleted. Deleted records can be restored.




2. Wipe - a deleted record can be wiped, so completely removed from the database.




Having confirmed the patient Wipe the user will be presented with a screen containing a final message:

"Patient Queued for Permanent Deletion

The patient record is now queued for permanent deletion which can take a number of weeks. The record is inaccessible immediately. If you have made a mistake you should contact Medical management Systems support IMMEDIATELY so that they can halt the permanent deletion process. Once the record is deleted permanently you will not be able to recover it. YOUR ACTIONS HAVE BEEN LOGGED."


Non-attendee pop-ups in Consultation

The ability for Non-attendees to provide notes in consultation is controlled by a checkbox found under Admin > Configuration > Application > Non-attendees can provide notes in consultation 

If this checkbox is left unchecked, a user who is not the primary attendee in an appointment will not be able to access the Clinical Form and add notes. 




Non-medical prescribing block

Meddbase prevents Non-medical users from Prescribing Drugs in Consultation.





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