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What is the purpose of the article?

This article is intended to explain the expansion we have made to Gender Identity options and the use of Pronouns in the Meddbase chamber. The article will also show you how to add this section to the layout of your chamber.

View of Gender Identity and Pronouns

The view of Gender Identity and Pronouns will now be the default setting in your chamber when you are inputting patient details, and it will be presented as follows:

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Breaking the Connection Between Title and Gender

We are discontinuing the practice of automatically assigning titles based on gender, and vice versa. Previously, when you selected a gender, it would automatically choose the pre-set 'male' or 'female'. This automatic selection will now be removed.

Gender Identity and Pronouns will both be prefilled drop-down fields but can also be added to via the Common Catalogue tile in your Meddbase chamber.

Additional fields in Common Catalogues 

To adjust the fields in the Common Catalogues, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Admin tile.
  2. Click the Common Catalogues tile.
  3. Open the Genders catalogue and click +New gender, define the gender and click Save to add it to your chamber.
  4. Open the Pronouns catalogue and click +New pronoun, define the pronoun and click Save to add it to your chamber.

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Patient Portal

Selecting/updating Gender Identity and Pronouns is available to patients on the Patient Portal:

[Full alt text]

  • Upon logging in to the Patient Portal account and navigating to My Account.

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Gender Identity Pronouns in Template Codes and Reports  

Please see the two new Template Codes available:

Code Description
{Patient.Gender} Gender of patient
{Patient.Pronoun} Pronoun of patient


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