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What is the Context?

Whenever some services need to be invoiced from a billing company that is linked to an appointment attendee the Additional Creditors section can be utilized on a respective charge band.


What is the article purpose?

This article outlines how you can set up a generic or billing company specific rule set for additional creditors and apply those rule sets on a charge band. You will also learn about an example use case and possible reason for using this feature.


What is the context for using the feature?

For certain insurers or employers, you may wish to break down your services further (such as for consultants and anaesthetist fees). Creditors can be managed on a per-clinician basis, or a per-billing company basis. This gives you the flexibility of managing individual clinician’s fees or bundling all fees for consultants into a single pot, such as an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership).

Another example would be a situation where consultants share facilities but they each invoice patients/insurers individually. In this case, each consultant must have their own personal billing company (an "External" company) linked to their Clinician record.

Click here for an article on adding companies.


Specifying a clinician's Billing Company

To specify a clinician’s billing company in order to raise fees for the clinician the following process applies:

  1. From the Start Page click Find clinician
  2. Search for the respective professional and click the search result
  3. From the clinician home page click Personal Details
  4. In the Billing Company field, you can search and select the relevant billing company*.

*If you would like the clinician to bill directly you can add a company specifically for this clinician. Alternatively, you can add a generic billing company for groups of clinicians. Remember to click Save once finished.




Creating Rule Sets for a Billing Company

Having created the billing company and assigned it to relevant clinicians records, you can begin creating rule sets for the new company. For this example you can create a simple rule set containing only a price list:

1. From the Start Page navigate to Admin > Billing Rules

2. Use the Add Companies search field to input the company name

3. Click on the search result under the Add Companies list


The company is now displayed.

4. Expand the company icon

5. From the menu list, click +Add rule

6. Select New Rule Set... from the menu


7. In the Rule Set Details panel, provide a Name (e.g. NewRuleSet)

The rule set is created.

8. Under the company, again click +Add rule

9. From the menu select New Price List... and set it up accordingly.

    Click here for more details on setting up price lists.  

10. With the New Price List created, now highlight the NewRuleSet under the company

11. Click +Add rule in the Rules section for the rule set

12. In the Add Rule To Set dialogue that appears, expand the relevant billing company icon

13. Click the newly created price list


It is then added to the rule set.

    Please note: Only rules relating to prices and the providing of services are considered in these 'additional creditor' rule sets.  


Adding a Billing Company rule set to a charge band

With this rule set now created, for the Charge Band that needs to contain the multiple creditors, you can:-

  1. Select the Charge band
  2. In the section Additional Creditors > Billing Company Rule Sets for the Charge Band, select + Add Creditor
  3. In the Add Additional Creditor Rule Set dialogue that appears, expand the relevant Billing Company icon
  4. Then select the previously created Rule set


Now, any services applied to an appointment on this charge band where the primary attendee’s billing company is My clinic will raise two invoices, one from the primary billing company (For the price dictated by Default Charge Band) and one from the My Clinic (Price dictated by NewRuleSet).


If a clinician’s billing company does not have a rule set specified in the Billing Company Rule Sets, but the clinician’s fees are still required to be billed separately, a general rule set for Other Companies can be applied to the Default Rule Set section of the charge band.


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