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Hello everyone, 

We've been hard at work and this product release is jammed packed full of new features to help your everyday. Our next release is scheduled for Monday 29th April 22:30 GMT (UK/EU) and Tuesday 30th April 02:00 CST (US/Canada).

Meddbase Form Builder: For Clinical Forms and Questionniares

Experience the next level of Clinical Form and Questionnaire creation with our intuitive Form Builder, putting you in control of your forms like never before!

The Form Builder allows authorised users to customise and curate Clinical Forms and Questionnaires quickly and easily for your specific needs.

Unlock the power of the Form Builder today and transform your documentation experience!

For more information take a look at our Form Builder document and check out our Knowledge Base articles for detailed instructions on how to use it.

How to use the Form Builder for:

But that’s not it! We will be hosting a live webinar in the coming weeks to dive deeper into the Form Builder. Further details coming soon! 


Appointment Booking Questions and Answers:
Capturing Essential Information

Introducing a powerful tool to capture vital financial, administrative, or marketing information upfront, transforming the appointment management process and enabling better patient care. Explore our Booking Questions and Answer document for details and our Knowledge Base article for additional information.


Membership Management: Recurring Membership Payments

Introducing new Membership Management control to improve revenue collection and alleviate admin time. Now you can restrict access to the Patient Portal until patients provide card details and pay the initial membership invoice. This ensures patients can’t book appointments or access other areas until payment details are rectified.

Restrictions available:

  1. Force a Recurring Payment: Patients on a Membership Charge Band cannot use any section on the Portal without setting up a recurring payment first
  2. Force a Membership Invoice Payment: Patients on a Membership Charge Band cannot use any section on the portal without paying a Membership due invoice
  3. Allow Specific Patient Portal Access: Allows patients to access specified sections of the Portal e.g Medical History or Invoices, without setting up a recurring payment or paying any due invoice

For further details please see our Membership Management document and read our Knowledge Base article.

Please note: This new configuration must be completed by a Meddbase team member


Introducing Duplicate Patient Worklist

Simplify Patient Data Management, enabling easy identification and merging of duplicate patient records while maintaining data integrity.

The feature provides a centralised worklist interface for reviewing potential duplicates, enabling users to make informed decisions about merging records or marking them as distinct.

This new feature enhances data management processes, improves patient care, and ensures compliance with privacy regulations.

Learn more about Duplicate Patient Worklist and read our KB article for the technical detail.

Card Type Reporting via Opayo

Responding to the needs of our customers, we've introduced a feature to report on the card type used for each payment in Meddbase. This functionality enables smooth reconciliation of payments received from various card processors such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and others against invoices.

With this enhancement, the card type used for each payment will now be visible directly on the Payments interface in Meddbase. Additionally, users can generate reports specifically based on the Payments root table and incorporate it into documents using the {CardType} Template Code. This reduces manual effort and human error and ensures accurate accounting practices tailored to individual card providers.


Clinical Form Improvements

  • Easy Form Selection: Say goodbye to endless scrolling! Quickly find the right Clinical Form with our new search functionality in the Forms dropdown menu. See our KB Article for more information about using Clinical Forms
  • Nested Form Navigation: We can now embed Clinical Form 'buttons' within parent forms, allowing you to access different forms within the same episode. This feature organises complex forms into manageable sections, reducing form length and providing a clear visual overview.
  • Discharging from Appointment Home or Document Review Task now respect any mandatory fields, prompting the users to complete them before proceeding. If however the user has opened a Clinical Form/Episode by mistake you will be able to close the form providing no changes have been made to it.

Billing Rule Date Ranges

Billing Rules now offer improved flexibility with the ability to type dates directly into date range fields. Users can now easily input start and end dates, making it quicker by eliminating the need to navigate through lengthy date pickers.

For additional information on Date Range Validity please see our KB article


Two-Factor Authentication Text Update

We've updated the wording across the application to make it clear that any Authenticator app can be used to generate and provide 2FA codes, not only the Google Authenticator. Check out our Knowledge Base article for guidance on setting up Two-Factor Authentication.


Service Credits Rules

Patient Portal Message Fix: Previously, the message "selected services renew on DD/MM/YYYY, you will be able to book this service closer to the time of your service credit renewal" indicated service credit renewal dates, causing confusion when no slots were available. Now, users will receive a clear error message "Unfortunately we do not have any availability on this specific selected date, location & clinician. Please refine your search."prompting them to refine their search.

Slot Finder Message Correction: In Slot Finder, an incorrect message "Selected services renew on DD/MM/YYYY, Click to view all credits" appeared under certain conditions regarding service credit renewals. This issue has been rectified, ensuring accurate messaging.


Enhanced Import Functionality

  1. Nominal and Department Code Import for Appointment Types: Gain greater control over accounting settings with the ability to add and update Nominal and Department codes directly within the Appointment Type import process. Accessible in the Accountancy settings: Start Page > Admin > Configuration > Accountancy tab > General Accountancy
  2. Patient ID Included in Import Error Summary: Now, when adding or updating patients via import, error summaries include the Patient ID for easier identification for when the patient has an invalid email
A couple of reminders:

Job Title Fields

In our November release we announced the new addition to our Patient Demographics sections - The Job Title Field. This new feature has been behind a feature flag which is going to be removed.

What this means for you?

The standard Job Title field will be available in the main application and the OH Portal by default, allowing:

  • Users to add or edit job titles
  • Patients and employees to view their job titles via the Portal
  • Job Titles to be reportable and available as a Template Code as standard

Important Note: If you have previously configured 'custom' job title fields, they won't be automatically migrated to the new standard demographic field. However, you can report on this data and import it into the new field if needed.

Charge Band V5 Upgrade

As mentioned in the Meddbase Pulse April newsletter we're thrilled to announce that all of our customers have been upgraded to Version 5 of our Charge Band system. This upgrade represents a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to enhance your experience with our Billing Rules System.

With this in mind our legacy Charge Band Versions 1 and 2 are no longer supported meaning that any patient still assigned to V1 or V2 will generate an error message when trying to book an appointment. "This patient is assigned to a legacy charge band that is no longer supported. Please allocate a new charge band by editing the patient demographics. If you require assistance please contact Meddbase Support."

For more information on our Billing Rules please visit our Billing Rules Knowledge Base article


Need some help? Please get in touch.
There are numerous ways to contact us at Meddbase, we are all here to help. 

  • Need knowledge? Visit our knowledge base
  • Need help with everyday questions or technical quereies? Raise a support ticket
  • Have an idea? Share your thoughts on our User Voice
  • Something else? Contact your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager 

Thanks for being a part of our journey!

Sam and the Meddbase Team



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