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Please note that when not using the default settings, the SMTP configuration must be updated to the SMTP server for the domain you are using.


Once logged in, click the Admin tile, then the Configuration tile, then the Email tab to access the page below.

  • Sender: The email address that automated emails to patients, such as appointment confirmations and reminders, will be sent from. By default this is set to
  • Client: The address that Admin emails will be sent to if Admin emails are enabled under the Task Checker. By default this is set to
  • BCC to address: This email address will be included as a BCC on all automated email sent by Meddbase, apart from password reset emails.
  • Server: The name of the SMTP server. By default, this is set to
  • Username and password: The username and password used to authenticate with the SMTP server, if the server requires authentication. If you are using, this should be left blank.
  • Use Authentication: If the SMTP server requires authentication, this must be checked. If you are using, this should be left unchecked.
  • Use TLS: If checked, emails will be sent using opportunistic TLS.
  • Auto-confirm and attach emails to patient records: Meddbase has a feature which allows emails sent to an address to be automatically attached to patient records if the subject or body of the email contains enough information to identify the patient, such as their Meddbase ID or name and DOB. If this setting is unchecked, emails will be 'tentatively' linked to a patient record and the recipient will be asked to confirm or reject the message before it is permanently linked to the record. If this setting is checked, any tentative links will be automatically confirmed.